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Tooth Fairy Fail

All right mommies, please help me out here. How many of you have accidentally forgotten to have the tooth fairy visit your child?

Now I would like to say this has happened to our family only once, but that would not be entirely true. Sometimes, no matter how hard I try to remember I just plain forget.

Flash back to last week, which was very busy, but our son lost a tooth which he had been working on for close to a month. The tooth had basically been holding on out of sheer stubbornness! Whether that be my son's stubbornness or the tooth's remains foggy. Well the tooth finally came out at school. I greeted this news with happiness and joy as now I would no longer have to worry about him choking on it in the middle of the night.

Now flash forward to 6:30 am. I hear my son in the bathroom and realize the tooth fairy had not yet visited him. ACK! I wake the husband up, tell him to delay our son in the bathroom and then make a mad dash for my wallet only to find there was not a single quarter or dollar to be found anywhere. All right move onto the husband's wallet where I find only a crisp 5 dollar bill in residence. That seems a bit much for the tooth fairy, but there is no way that am I going to see my son's belief in magic destroyed. All right, 5 bucks it is!

I mad dash back to my son's bedroom, with a minor skirmish involving some cars and a train set. Not to brag or anything, but the leap onto his bed was of Olympic proportions. I snatched the tooth, stuffed the money under the pillow and raced to my bathroom to hyper ventilate.

My son was very happy to discover that the tooth fairy had left him quite a hefty sum. He now tells me that perhaps working on a tooth that long earns you more money from the tooth fairy. Oh brother!

Other mommies please tell me that you too have almost forgotten the tooth fairy.


  1. Oh Great, now all of the cousins will be expecting $5.00 from the tooth-fairy!

  2. My daughter isn't big enough to be losing teeth yet but I know myself and how forgetful I am and I am certain I will forget at least once!


  3. I empathize with you! One week, my daughter lost 4 or 5 teeth. I had already printed out Tooth Fairy coupons because I had no cash and had forgotten. The last night, the Tooth Fairy left her a note saying that she had so many younger kids to visit that she was graduating my daughter out of the program. My daughter didn't blink an eye, was so proud that she even took the note to her dentist (who thought it was hysterical! We have had many laughs over that!)

  4. Thanks ladies for making me feel better.
    @the worstest mommy- amazing 5 teeth in one week. Your idea is brilliant. Why haven't I thought of that one?

  5. Oh, this is too funny! I love it... I have come close to forgetting. I like the idea of the 'graduation' coupon too!
    Thanks for stopping by Mom-ology. Love your blog and am now following! Look forward to reading more.

  6. Hahah, TOO funny!

    We're not to the point of the tooth fairy yet, but I FEAR it. It seems I've read an abnormal amount of almost tooth fairy mishaps, lately. ;)

  7. That is very funny! At least you saved the day. We've only lost one tooth so far, but more are on the way. She lost her tooth and then she actually, literally lost the tooth! She was so excited she took the beautiful, little pillow I'd had since before her birth for this very occasion, and she ran all around the house with it without my knowledge. At bedtime... no tooth! Oh well, we worked it out! I blogged about it too!

    Love your site! So pretty and whimsical. Thanks for visiting mine! Princesses kick... butt!

  8. Tamara, thanks for visiting and for your kind words. Cute story about your Princess!

  9. Umm...YES...the tooth fairy forgot once when my daughter had a friend sleepover. I went in the room (she was on the top bunk with her friend) and asked if they found the money, while distracting her I dropped money on the floor and said, Wait! there's something on the floor! She must've dropped totally bought it! It was a close one though!

  10. Remembering back to the other side of the story, that's how I found out about the Tooth Fairy "for sure". My parents had forgotten for like 3 days so my Dad came into my room & spun this long yarn about how the Tooth Fairy was invisible & could come "any time", as he leaned over me. There were 3 quarters in my tooth pillow when he left. When I confronted my mom she totally caved.

    1. That is funny! The trauma we dish onto our children. Luckily my little guy didn't confront me about it, but he hasn't lost another tooth yet.

    2. That is funny! The trauma we dish onto our children. Luckily my little guy didn't confront me about it, but he hasn't lost another tooth yet.



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