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A Little Princess Poetry

In honor of pink- loving Princesses everywhere, here's a little poem by my 10 year old Princess.

Pink is one of the colors of the sunrise.

Pink is the color of hearts on Valentines day.

Pink is the color of a Celisana.

Pink is the color of a flamingo.

Pink smells like fresh baked strawberry shortcake.

Pink tastes like a bubble gum flavored lollipop.

Pink sounds like a love poem written on a pink heart.

Pink looks like ten pink ballons floating in the air.

Pink feels like love.

Pink makes me want to eat strawberry ice cream.

Pink is for Princesses!


  1. It doesn't have to rhyme, it's great! Now I'm in the mood for a strawberry milkshake :)

  2. Very cute. My daughter will love this. She is pink crazy at times.



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