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Bravery and Princesses

A few weeks ago Nicki and I had the opportunity to visit with some very special people in TMC's pediatric wing. We had great fun and left a copy of the book for others to enjoy during their stay in the hospital. 

We were excited and surprised to wake up to the following story this morning Tucson's Police Chief on Bravery (and Princesses). Thanks to TMC for sending this our way!

"Villasenor participated in the Fathers Read series at Tucson Medical Center, designed to promote literacy and to encourage men to get involved in their children’s education.

Courageously,he made the bold decision to change books in mid-stream to make sure the youngsters connected with the material – an important lesson for anyone reading to kids.

Showing tremendous valor, he started to read from “Rebekah Grace, The Practically Perfect Princess,” by local authors Jennifer Humphries and Nicki DiCampli.

“I have to swear you all to secrecy, though, that I’m reading a princess book,” VillaseƱor joked, adding that the other cops weren’t going to be impressed."

Yes, even police officers should learn to do a  proper princess wave!

The story was also covered in the online Blog for the Arizona Daily Star.

Three cheers for brave princesses and princes everywhere!


  1. Oh that is so awesome. The pic is just perfect.

  2. I agree! What an awesome and inspiring story! It's lovely when your work gets celebrated by others. :) Have a wonderful and almost perfect weekend!
    Tina at

  3. That's awesome! I love when dad's/men get involved with reading

  4. This is so wonderfully and powerfully amazing!

    Just stopping by to say "hi" and "thanks" too for joining us last week for our Wordless Wednesday link up. How sweet to spend a day simply with friends. We are up and ready to host our beautiful blogging friends again today-- I'd love it if you'd join us again.




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