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Hot Day= Great Day For Some Dry Ice Fun!

Here in the world of practically perfect princesses we continue to try to find fun ways to entertain children indoors during the summer months. We have something super cool that is perfect for children of all ages and we promise they will think  Queen Mommy or King Daddy are awesome for coming up with this one!

Make a stop at your local grocery store and pick up a bag of dry ice. Make sure to take a cooler along to keep the ice from evaporating.

Put the dry ice in a bucket and make sure the kiddos know not to touch the ice. Then add some hot water to the bucket and watch the fog roll off.


I gave the kids cups so they could catch the fog and watch it evaporate.

You may have to continue to add hot water as the fog starts to lessen down.

Now here is the surprise part that the children will not be expecting, but will love. Have them add some dish soap, the kind you use every day and then watch and enjoy what happens!


  1. Brilliant. What a fun experiment. It looks like everyone had fun.

  2. Cute blog title! Those activities are perfect when it's too hot outside to play.


  3. Catching fog in a cup sounds like a good time. I’ll have to put that on my list. Thanks for the tip.



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