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To be or not to be a bunny?

Most of you know that Nicki and I gather most of our material for our Practically Perfect Princess books from our own experiences as mothers. Let me fill you in on a little development that we think is just too funny.

My preschooler, Rebekah, is the flower girl for her cousin Erica's upcoming wedding in July. Last month Rebekah debuted as a bunny/circus girl in her first ever dance performance. She still talks with great relish about the stage and the big lights. Flash forward a month, Rebekah comes to me and says that she is ready to be a flower girl and that we will not "even have to buy her a new dress". What dress is she suggesting she wear to the wedding? Here's a little peak.

You can't see the bunny tail, but it's there and I assure you it is part of her overall fashion plan for the wedding.

Now here is the dress we all suggest that Rebekah should wear for the wedding. 

Needless to say, she remains unconvinced.

In an effort to distract her from her desire to show up as a bunny to the wedding we went looking for princess dresses yesterday. After we had tried on quite a few, Rebekah looked at me very seriously and said although all of these were lovely none of them were pink and just weren't as pretty as her bunny costume.

Um yeah about that, I'm pretty sure your cousin isn't going to want a bunny preceding her down the aisle throwing rose petals.

Stay tuned and we'll fill you in on the "bunny business" as it is now known in our family.


  1. Hi there! New follower from Mom's Monday Mingle! Would love a follow back, I look forward to reading your book!

  2. She is cute, whichever one she decides for would look stunning on her. Though she has to please her cousin.
    Later follower from the blog walk lol.
    God bless!



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