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Guest Post- Read With Me Book Bags

We are excited to welcome Marcie from A Happy Song as a guest poster over here at the Practically Perfect Princess! Last week we saw this adorable read with me book bag she shared on her blog and as reading addicts, authors and frequent library visitors Nicki and I wanted to share it with all of our other reading friends.

Happy Reading!

We love to frequent the library and the kids are getting to the point where they are borrowing quite a number of books each time we visit. This is unfortunate for me because I end up carrying all of them. So, I had a thought...

"Ding!" (that was the sound of a light bulb going off in my head)

What if I just get them some book bags that they can carry by themselves?  Maybe it wasn't the most creative of thoughts, but it was good enough for me.

I purchased some sturdy canvas bags from Hobby Lobby and some fabric paints.  I like the little Scribbles fabric paints. There's something about that magical 99 cent price tag.  I didn't want to dish out the money for letter stamps, so I decided to create my own.  I purchased a package of craft foam (in sheets) from the dollar store and layered it to give the stamps some depth. Then I glued on a layered foam square on each letter to use as a handle.  They actually worked pretty well, especially for what they cost me. Just a tip, if you are stamping onto fabric, those foam sheets are great to have as a backing under the fabric to prevent bleed through. 

The kids loved their new book bags. Jellybean calls her's her "baggy." As luck would have it, we had a few books on hold at the library, so we took the opportunity for a quick trip to try out the new bags.

I snapped these photos in the library. I tried to be sneaky about it, but there was no getting around the awkward stares from other parents. Maybe they didn't even mind, but I felt like I had to be extra clear that I was only taking photos of my own children.
The bags were awesome. Not only was it nice to be able to separate out Buddy's books from Jellybean's, but they are now a nice location to make sure that the library books stay together in one place, instead of being strewn throughout rooms and throughout the entire house. Am I the only one that has a problem with that?

Just added this photo because she is so cute. That is all.
Have a Happy Day!



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