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Even Princesses Have Chores

Over the last few months as we have excitedly watched our book come into the hands of little Princesses we have also received some welcome praise from many Queen Mommies and Daddies for something we included in it.

When writing the book we wanted to include very real life events that preschoolers could relate to. One of the scenes we included is Rebekah Grace having to clean her room because even Princesses have to do this. As we have come to find out this part of the book is really resonating with parents and they are using it to teach their children. We know that teaching children to perform and carry out household chores is always time consuming, a bit daunting and quite often frustrating.

Here are a few tips and tricks we have learned over the years to help teach our preschool Princesses how to perform their "royal" duties:

1. State the task clearly and make sure your child understands how to perform it.
2. Set a time limit for the task and check in frequently and offer encouragement and suggestions.
3. Don't expect perfection. If the bed doesn't look perfect, but all of the stuffed animals are off of the floor and the pillows are in the general right area I always count it as a job done well.
4. Offer praise after the chore is completed. Adults like to be told they did a job well and so do children.

And if all else fails put this music on loudly and blare it while the chores are being completed. Because all Queen Mommies and Daddies know that a spoon full of sugar always helps the medicine go down.


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