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A Guide To Creating Magic

Today I created magic, not the sort that would help me fly to far away lands or the kind of magic that can vanquish the villain.

This kind of magic occurs only when you use your imagination. Today my 6 year old daughter and I created a fairy garden.

Creating A Fairy Garden

Use what you have on hand and let your child be the designer.  Perfection is overrated.

Most everything we used was already in our craft arsenal picked up from the bargain tubs at either Micheal's or the Dollar Store. We used a long/rectangular flower pot we already had to house the garden.

As we built the garden my daughter and I imagined all of the parties and dances that the fairies would have in the garden. We wondered what type of fairies they would be and what kind of magic they would possess. Would their be any tricks performed within the fairy garden? The possibilities for magic were endless.

As Spring makes it's debut I hope you take the time to create a little magic as well.


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