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March 31, 2012

Princess Palooza

Posted by Jennifer Humphries at 3/31/2012 09:35:00 AM
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Calling All Princesses!!!!

April is a celebration of many wonderful things, but here in Rebekah Grace's neck of the woods we have decided to add one more reason to celebrate. 

It's  Princess Palooza Time!

What is Princess Palooza you ask?

It's a month long celebration leading up to the world wide release of Rebekah Grace's first novel in the month of April, but this celebration cannot happen without your help!

All Princesses must have a Royal Court full of other Princesses and Rebekah Grace is no different. Rebekah Grace would like to  invite all Practically Perfect Princesses everywhere, with the help of  their Queen Mommies of course, to submit photos and or drawings of their very own.

All submissions will then be entered for a chance to win signed copies of Rebekah Grace's book along with a fabulously fashionable Practically Perfect Princess tee shirt! This tee shirt is one of a kind and in true Princess form has sparkly jewels and a too perfect tutu ruffle, so get ready for high style!

Ready to add a Princess you know to the Royal Court? Here's how?

1. Send a photo or pdf drawing of your Practically Perfect Princess to Queen Mommy

2. Please include a mailing address so that we may send you the book and tee shirt in case you win.

3. Make sure to let us know if we can post your picture.

4. Check back often to see as new members of the Royal Court are added!


TerriAnn @ Cookies and Clogs said...

What a cute idea! It's such a great way to build a community and find a common ground! My DD's now anti-princess but she had her princess costume days :)

Jen said...

Thanks TerriAnn! Funny story,my niece is getting married and at a bridal open house she and her mother met another bride who said that Disney had just released their Princess wedding dress line and she was so excited. I guess maybe there is no age that is too old for Princesses, even though they may grow up! :)

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