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Bunny Business Revisited

Many of you know that my youngest child will be a flower girl in her cousin Erica's wedding (Nicki's daughter) at the end of July. A few weeks ago we shared with you that Rebekah has decided to wear her pink dance circus/bunny costume in her designated role as flower girl and is rather unhappy with any suggestions we make to discourage her.

This week Rebekah's dress arrived and all the girls in our family, including the bride got together for her first try-on of the dress with the hope that if we made a big deal about how lovely the dress is she would ditch the bunny costume.

Here she is in the dress and holding her newly made flower girl basket.
Thanks Erica!

Her smile is a good thing. We can now all breathe a collective sigh of relief that she has decided this dress will work and the bunny costume is no longer necessary.

There is one slight problem though......

Rebekah still has definite ideas about how she should look on her cousin's special day and those ideas include this purple crown/tiara.

Good grief!


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