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Flu and Football

Well there is nothing quite as miserable as a family of 5 down with the flu. Add in an 8 month pregnant matriarch of that family and true bliss can be obtained. Yes, my week in a nutshell.

Anyways, now that we are at least standing upright I wanted to revisit a favorite Princess of mine.
Last year, we introduced you to Princess the camel. Princess has a fabulous knack for picking the winner of the Super Bowl.

Ha! What does a camel know about football you may think? Well, she has picked the winner correctly in seven of the last eight Super Bowls so she does have some type of animal instsincts. Oh boy, am I cracking myself up here.

This year she has picked a Ravens win by her decision to first  sample/eat the graham crackers from Zoo Manager John Bergmann's hand that had the Raven's written on it. Now this doesn't mean she didn''t sample a little from the 49ers graham cracker hand as well, but she chose her winner, ate it first and now history will see if she chose correctly.

In my mind graham crackers are always a win and 2 handfuls are definitely better than one.

Happy weekend all !


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