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News In The Princess Realm

What a busy few weeks it has been! Queen Mommy Nicki and I had a great time at Spring Fling and loved meeting so many new little Princesses.

We get many emails asking where you can get a copy of The Practically Perfect Princess and there are several ways you can get one for your Princess. Purchase it  online via Amazon or Barnes & Noble (links are on our sidebar) or download it on your Kindle or Nook.  

Don't forget you can also pick up a copy at the U of A Bookstores! 

If you live in California the Queen Mommies have exciting news and a great giveaway coming soon. Stay tuned!

Now onto some other Princess news, Princess Baby Anneliese has gained 3 lbs and is now in the whopping big 30th percentile for her age. Woot!!

And on top of all of that my oldest Princess won an award at our County Fair this weekend with her 4H Bunny Lance- A-Lop. Double woot!!!

Special thanks to our friend over at She Became A Butterfly for nominating us for a Liebster award. We love awards! Here is the link to our answers.

Have a great week everyone.



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