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Innovation, Revolution and 2012!

Six months ago when Rebekah Grace was just an idea in my head and a partial manuscript I began the tedious research process all authors endure in order to understand the world of publishing.

My google prowess is quite strong, but link after link left me with a very dismal view of my chances of becoming published and the certain failure and heartbreak that would occur if I even contemplated self publishing.

Wow sign me up for this please!

Enter stage left my sister, who kindly reminded me that perhaps the reason the major publishers were so negative on children's literature was in large part due to the fact that Amazon and other digital formats for books seem to be kicking traditional book retailers bums in the competition market.

New and hopeful research began again. Here's a few of the self publishing success stories I found:

Twenty-six-year-old self-publishing sensation Amanda Hocking made headlines earlier this year when it was revealed that the then-unsigned author (she now has a contract with St. Martin’s Press) had managed to sell more than a million copies of her paranormal novels as e-books.

Another self-published author reached a significant milestone: John Locke sold his millionth e-book on Amazon.

I remember reading that a prestigious official of the patent office in the late 1800's felt that it was time to close up shop as everything that could ever be invented had already happened and no new progress would be forthcoming. Goodness was indoor plumbing even a part of every household at that time?

Now is a revolutionary time for the publishing world. We as consumers are much more savvy and technologically linked. We know what we like and we can find it with or without the big publishing houses and their gatekeepers.

This is a very exciting time for self publishers and I truly look forward to being a part of this "new" publishing world and the innovations that will come because of it's existence.

Cheers to all of the innovators and revolutionary self publishers out there. Here we come 2012!


  1. How's it going? Please write us a post about what you've learned so far! I'm on the verge of self-publishing my own picture book. I'm just researching graphics at this point. My husband is a great artist, but I have to figure out how to get his art uploaded without it looking "Cheezy". Any relevant articles you've discovered along the way that could point me toward?

    I'm so excited for your book! My daughters will love it (I'd be happy to do a review)!

  2. Tamara- Thank you, thank you! I hope you do self-publish. You and I both spend much time at the library with kiddos, right? I'm sure you have sat there and read a book with them and thought who pays to publish this? That is why the old way for book publishing is fast becoming a dinosaur. It has been so exciting for me to be able to read books on my Kindle from friends I have met through this process who like me have also gone the self publishing route.

  3. Thanks for the inspiration, Jen! I did it. I've got my picture book up on my site now in digital format. I'm working on the print version and the Kindle version simultaneously and hope to have both done by the weekend! It will take a few weeks for the print version to be finalized, but it's on its way! I can't wait for yours!!

  4. Oh how exciting! Heading over to your site to check it out. I would love to help a fellow publishing innovator.



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