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My sister and I were working with a children's book editor in New York City. The only time Jen and I could fit a conference call in was on a Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately for us, there was no way we could ditch Nicholas, Caleb and Rebekah. I put all three in Nick's room and told them to be good, be quiet or there would be blood.

As Jen and I were trying to listen to our editor, I could hear Nicholas and Caleb saying "shhhhhhhh" and Rebekah complaining in the background. I walked into Nick's room and gave all three of them the dreaded "mom look", warning them that heads would roll if I had to come back here one more time. My children, as well as my older nieces and nephews, have heard me make these types of threats their whole life and have basically learned to ignore me.

Rebekah on the other hand followed me out of the room, climbed on her mother's lap and told her how much she loved her.

I think she was pretty happy that I was not her mother.

But honestly, I have never once made a child's head roll.


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