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Just how divine are those shoes Rebekah?

I am sure this will come as no surprise, but many of the scenes that can be found in the Rebekah Grace book are pulled directly from the real life parenting experiences both Nicki and I have had.

Here's a funny one that happened today while shopping with my two Princesses. Rebekah picked up a pair of shoes and loudly asked me, "Mommy aren't these shoes just too divine?"

The aisle we were on was very crowded and several women turned to look and see who the little fashionista was who could so colorfully describe a pair of shoes.

I turned as well and looked at the face of my smiling preschooler as she caressed the soft leather of a pair of red stiletto heels. I asked her where she had heard that word, and she informed me that, "Everybody knows what the word divine means!".

Carefully she tried on the "divine" shoes and hobbled across the floor hand in hand with her sister who herself had on a blue pair of stilettos.

The shoes proved too hard for the girls to walk in, so they happily slipped back into their sneakers and together we left the store laughing.

Thank heavens for little girls!


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