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The Next Stage

Hello Everyone,

I am incredibly blessed in my life with family, friends and work. My only problem is in finding enough time in the day. So what did I decide to do? I added one more thing. 

My sister Jen and I were sitting at the pool watching our children swim when she told me she had begun writing a children's book and submitted it to a few publishers. I questioned why she was waiting for a publisher to tell her that her work was good. The computer age, Amazon and facebook, have changed traditional publishing and opened up a whole new world for us. My sister invited me into her creation and that afternoon we created Rebekah Grace, the Practically Perfect Princess. I invited the first family princess, my daughter Erica to help and off we went into the unknown.

The three of us have spent many late nights creating a story about an adorable three and half year old who believes she is a princess and the family that humors her. We have just begun on the illustrations and hope to have our first book out in March of 2012. I have not quit my day job, but I am so excited about this new adventure.


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