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A Little Real Life Princess Inspiration

Let's start at the beginning, at least for me. I was the youngest child of a large family and as my mother likes to remind me, quite frequently, I believed the word Princess bespoke of me and my royal lineage. Never mind that my family were farmers and immigrants from Mexico and from all over the world, this did not deter my belief in the fact that ALL little girls are Princesses.

Flash forward to 2001, sitting in the Dr's office waiting for the ultrasound on my first baby. When the nurse informed me it was a little girl it was as if mountains of pink tutus and ballet shoes and glitter and sparkles enveloped me. Hooray!

I think my husband got a little nervous after that Dr's appointment as I explained my visions of pink to him, but nonetheless when our first little girl was born together she and I created our own version of what it means to be a Princess.

Next came a little Prince into our family and oh what fun they are. His older sister saw him as the perfect addition to her stories, a Princess always needs a very good and noble sidekick to help her fight bad guys and transport her dolls on his trains.

Now to the last Little Princess in our family. Much like her sister before her, it is not unusual for us to leave the house arrayed in some form of Princess attire; a pair of fluffy pink play heels, a crown, tutu, wings, etc.

One day at a library storytime while she was thus attired I looked around and saw just how many other little girls were dressed similarly.

After storytime onto the shelves of the library I went yet again in my constant quest for some form of Princess book to meet my child's interest. Yes, there was the selection of perfectly beautiful and grown up real Princesses who are learning to teach dwarfs baseball, feeding horses apples, doing ballet etc., but is there not one book about a preschooler who believes she is a Princess and how she interacts with the world? No, hmm why did this realization take 10 years and 3 children to dawn on me? 

I started asking other mothers of Little Princesses if they knew of such a book. I was again directed to the dwarfs, castles and horse book selections.

Now not to be to intimate or anything, but I was looking at a bathroom reader book shortly after that and saw a quote by Tony Morrison that struck me, " “If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.”

Thus began a new project.

Months later and many hours of research and banging my head against whatever available surface I could find, I am at this point in the self publication process. Luckily, my sister came on board and I have been able to have my best friend on the journey. Although at times scary and frustrating, this is something I feel really good about. As I see my 10 year old surge into the tween years and older, I am forever grateful for the hours and years she and I spent together creating an incredible Princess play world. Today our children's world is so very grown-up and  magic is able to exist for such a short time. I hope to create literature for other parents with Little Princesses just like me who believe in Princesses.

I'm glad you found us, keep checking back often and we'll fill you in along the way about the book, a little Princess drama and other silly and funny stories.


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