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Once a Princess always a Princess

When my lovely daughter Erica was 4 years old I bought her a pair of pink Princess Ariel shoes that lit up whenever they hit the ground. They were the most beautiful shoes Erica had ever seen. Later that day I found her with her shoes in her hands crying. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she knew she would out grow these wonderful shoes one day and it made her so sad. I assured her that no matter how old she became or how big her feet grew, I would find these shoes for her even if I had to make them myself. She looked up at me with her beautiful, teary eyes and told me that she knew she would not want the shoes when she became a grown up and that made her even sadder. "Perhaps," I said, "but you love these shoes and you should enjoy them today and not worry about tomorrow."

Well, Erica did out grow the Princess shoes and as of today has not asked me to find her these shoes. As she grew up she put Ariel as well as all of her other Princess loves aside for friends, soccer, boys and college. Today she is 21 years old, graduating from college, student teaching a class of 32 rowdy 5th graders and planning her wedding to her English Prince, Michael. Even though she is an adult, I still see the Princess in her, from the bejeweled TOMS shoes she wants to wear on her wedding day to her selection of the music from the Princess Bride she wants to have played as she walks down the aisle. And her wedding dress! she will be as breath taking as any Princess I have ever seen.

I know all little Princesses will grow up one day, but a spark of them will always have a place in their heart. Last week Erica and I were at a wedding tasting with other future brides. One of the girls at our table told us that she was so disappointed that she had purchased her wedding gown right before Disney debuted it's bridal Princess collection. She had always dreamed of wearing Cinderella's ball gown at her wedding and at that moment I realized that no matter how old our daughters become, once a Princess, always a Princess.


  1. today is my oldest daughters birthday (24)...and I am having these same type of feelings....kind of bitter sweet...

  2. What an adorable picture of your princess when she was younger. I have two little princesses right now (age 3 and 6) and there are days when I think I'll never stop seeing princess shoes, crowns, wands, and dresses thrown about all over the house. But they are truly adorable when they get themselves all dolled up and I know one day I will miss these precious moments. Thanks for putting my heart at ease with the truth that even though they will grow up and have their own life, they will always be my little princesses. :)


  3. Awww this is so sweet! What a beautiful thing to say about your daughter :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. I'm now following back! :)



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