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Library Lovin'

My preschooler loves to go to the library. Her favorite part of the visit is to help scan and check out the books. Often though, the line to check out can be long and having her help would make the other patrons in line wait longer than necessary.

I decided I could accomplish two goals with one simple activity by creating her own home library. First we could avoid the worst of the afternoon heat and boredom and work on some school skills as well.

First I created her very own library card. I left the ownership line blank so that she could fill in her own name.

Then I created her library collection. I gathered some of her favorite books including the Practically Perfect Princess and lined them up. The great thing is that the collection can always rotate as your little librarian wishes. DVD'd and cd's, and even story time could be added into her library for the day.

Lastly, I created her check out system. I used one of our toy registers that talks. I cut up some slips of paper and included a cute princess stamp where she can make check out cards to be given to her patrons.

My little Princess is so excited to play with this today. Extra bonus is that it is funny to see her elementary aged siblings circling the library with suggestions for it's expansion.

Viva Princesses!


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