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It's Not Easy Raising A Princess

Many of you have noticed as you read Rebekah Grace The Practically Perfect Princess that quite a bit of this first story focuses on Rebekah's family. Queen Mommy Nicki and I are part of a big family and as sisters knew we wanted our children to have close relationships within the family as well. 

In our experience with raising Princesses sometimes our little Princesses had big ideas for how things should happen that didn't necessarily work well for all of the members of the family. We discovered quickly that in order to keep the peace a little re-direction was needed, quite often.

The Practically Prefect Princess is full of these type of  interactions with  family members. Our hope was that as you read the book with your little Princess you might find quite a few similarities in the story to some common situations many families encounter and then be able to discuss them with your Princess.

Here's a picture of the family that inspired our book. We are missing our newest little Princess and one older Prince who was working. Oh, and we included a Fairy Godmother because every family needs one.

Thank you for all of your support and never stop reading.

Viva Princesses!


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