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A New Kind Of Princess Book

Meet Rebekah Grace!

A very busy 3 year old little girl, who just KNOWS she is a Princess.

She has style, fashion sense, charm and a few Princess antics up her sleeve.

Why Is She Only Practically Perfect?

ALL little girls are Princesses, no matter who they are, but that doesn't mean they have to be perfect.

Sometimes, even Princesses make mistakes.

What kind of a name is the Practically Perfect Princess you ask and why would a Princess only be practically perfect?

The answer is simple, because although ALL girls are Princesses and later in life may even turn into Queen Mommies that does not mean they have to be perfect. Practically perfect is good enough!

Now to the the back story.

In 2011 sisters Jennifer and Nicki were sitting by the pool while their kids swam, Jennifer shared with Nicki that she had begun writing a children's book. Jennifer told her sister that she knew she would never get published, but was doing it for fun. Nicki being older and wiser suggested that perhaps there was a future for such a book and that it would be fun if they did it together. Read the full story here, Innovation, Revolution and 2012!

Together the sisters collaborated their Princess stories and created Rebekah Grace The Practically Perfect Princess.

Jennifer is a a SAHM of 3 Princesses and one Prince who create the practically perfect amount of chaos!

Nicki has 2 Princes and 1 Princess and just completed the wedding of the century for her Princess. Check out the story here, Once a Princess Always a Princess!

We love parties, our family, making new friends, talking Princesses and blogging about our wacked out crazy busy lives!

Viva Princesses!


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